Baseline Data Collection: Ag Worker Survey


The WRASAP team is now collecting data from Agricultural Workers across the Western Region of the US to better understand both their stressors as well as which stress management topics workers would most like to learn more about.

Do you work in agriculture?

If you are an Agricultural Worker, please take our 12-minute survey. To access the survey, please go to:

Use the same link to access the survey in both English & Spanish.

This survey will remain open through the end of 2022. 

Share our survey!

Please assist our team in disseminating the above survey link to Agricultural Workers in your communities.

Download the ad using the link above and share on your Facebook page.

Paper copies of the survey are available upon request. To request a paper copy, please email Lori Mayr at

For more information connect with Michelle Grocke, PhD
Montana State University
Assistant Professor, Community Health 
Health and Wellness Specialist, MSU Extension 
Office: Reid 321