Agricultural Connections

“Our mission is to revolutionize the food industry and become Central Oregon’s leader in farm-direct food sales. We aim to create a local food distribution system for local farmers, home cooks, regional chefs, processors, and grocery store owners that is convenient and accessible.

We are a tiny and mighty Bend-based team who loves what we do and who is honored to contribute to the successful evolution of our regional food system. Our farmers are the heart and soul of our work as, without them, we essentially have no need to exist. We care about the nourishment of the land and the nourishment of every body. We foresee joyful communities that know their farmers by name and the seasonal veggies that come from their soil. Our craft is one of the connector; we build enduring relationships and local food is the thread we weave all the way from our farm partners to our amazing and supportive customers.

Agricultural Connections (AC) delivers farm-fresh food year-round. We sell LOCAL (Central Oregon) and REGIONAL (throughout Oregon, mainly from the Eugene-Junction City Willamette Valley area) food that bridges the gap between farmers and consumers. We strive to supply Central Oregon homes, companies, restaurants, and grocery stores with the freshest, most authentically local, organically grown and high quality products year-round. “

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