Columbia Community Creamery

Since 1964, Stevens County, WA, has witnessed a significant decline from 360 dairies to just 9. This stark reduction is attributed to consolidation driven by flawed government programs and ineffective cooperative efforts.

The government’s low milk prices have led to a surge in farm debt, forcing many dairies out of business. The absence of local processing infrastructure, coupled with persistently low milk prices, further hinders the establishment of new farms.

We believe in a different dairy future with vibrant small farms connected to thriving rural communities through nutritious food. Healthy cows, healthy farms, healthy communities. Columbia Community Creamery exists solely to support our local rural community of producers and consumers.

Working with Farmers

Small farms have always been the backbone of local agriculture. We help farmers by assisting with grazing planning, veterinary care, farm planning, regenerative farming practices, networking, sourcing supplies, finding feed, using new technologies, improving business skills, and so forth.

Access to Market

There must be easier access to the market to keep farms and encourage new farms. This includes a fair milk price, covered milk hauling, local processing, marketing, and regional distribution. We are creating a strong brand for our dairy farmers allowing them to focus on producing the best milk.

Community Engagement

Our nonprofit increases economic, social, and environmental benefits to our community. Foremost we are providing nutritious milk to feed our neighbors. Education programs reconnect community members with agriculture. Supporting local farms strengthens our rural economy.