Hawaii Land Trust

We work in three programmatic areas: ʻĀina Protection, Stewardship, and Connection. We prioritize the protection of coastlines, wahi kupuna, and lands that grow healthy food for Hawaiʻi’s people, and partner to conserve mauka forests and ranches. We welcome thousands of residents, visitors, and students every year to learn about, enjoy, and help care for these lands, creating generational commitments and a shared value system around land stewardship.

Voluntary land protection provides the landowner, and community surrounding and connected to a property, with a win-win method to preserve areas that are integral to Hawaiʻi’s health. Protecting and restoring wahi kupuna creates sanctuaries for Hawaiʻi’s native plants and animals, many of which are found nowhere else in the world, preserves and often revives the function of ancient cultural sites, and increases Hawaiʻi’s resilience to the effects of climate change.

We strive to protect entire landscapes, establishing reciprocal relationships with the land as Hawaiʻi’s ancestors did.

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