North Coast Growers’ Association

North Coast Growers’ Association supports Humboldt County’s farmers and artisan producers in building a robust and resilient local food system. We envision a strong, successful, growing community of diversified farms supporting broad based consumption of local foods and products. Our organization is stable and resilient, our members are thriving, and our customers are knowledgeable about the value of local food and small farms. We actively engage a more culturally and economically diverse customer base and foster responsible stewardship of our agricultural resources. We ensure that local market opportunities match the needs of our members and community. Our local food system is financially sustainable, money invested within direct and wholesale opportunities is balanced with the impacts to our members, and NCGA income supports the diversification of markets and product offerings of our members. NCGA Agricultural Programs are a new sector of NCGA, designed to address the most critical needs in our regional farming community in Humboldt County, CA. In collaboration with many regional partners, our programs work to provide local farmers with resources to help with their business and growing practices, connect to local and national agricultural resources, and provide workshops and peer-to-peer learning opportunities on topics that will benefit our local farmers and food system.