Oregon Commission on Hispanic Affairs

“The mission of the Oregon Commission on Hispanic Affairs is to work toward economic, social, political and legal equality for Oregon´s Hispanic population.
Our principles and Values:
Equity for Hispanic Oregonians in jobs and the economy, education, health, safety, family stability, environment, and civic engagement.
Equal treatment and protection against discrimination.
Access to helpful information on services and available resources.
Working in partnership on research and policy analysis of longstanding issues and barriers to success within the Hispanic community statewide.
Our Statutory Goals and Strategic Priorities
Advocate for equitable policies assuring the success of Latino and Hispanic Oregonians at the state level.
Engage community and state partners to promote equity for Latinos statewide.
Study and analyze issues affecting the Hispanic community statewide and recommend policy remedies to state policy makers.
Grow and develop leaders the Hispanic community at the state level in all branches.
Increase the viability and visibility of the contributions and achievements of Hispanic Oregonians statewide.”

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