Western Region Agricultural Stress Assistance Program (WRASAP)

Western Region Agricultural
Stress Assistance Program (WRASAP)

The Farm Collaborative

We manage a farmer tool library with specialty farm equipment for rent including a potato harvester, walk behind tractor, All-Crop harvester, and more. We offer a housing library renting out tiny homes to be used for seasonal on-farm housing (must be approved by each county). Our farmer incubator program consults people that would like to try farming as a profession. After a year as an intern on the farm, incubators will learn about crop planning, business planning, and seed ordering and implement their own plot and business plan. Incubators will be able to use farm equipment and infrastructure and learn about land leases and land opportunities in the area.

Service areas: Colorado

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Farms to Grow, Inc.

We offer Business Plan Workshops and classes on how to sell at a Farmers Market and how to set up a local CSA. We also provide farm volunteers and Marketing and Distribution set up and support. One on one assistance on phone and in-person in applying for grants and other funding. Support services in particular to African American farmers nationwide

Service areas: California, National

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Rhone’s Farm & Retreat LLC

We provide access to evidence based best practices for the beginning farmer (specializing in Veterans) as they navigate their new farmer journey. We collaborate with local, state, and national agencies to afford our participants the most up to date information and resources.

Service areas: Montana

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Oahu Agriculture and Conservation

  • Economic development support for Hawaii farmers
  • Farmer and rancher education and training for Hawaii farmers

Service areas: Hawaii

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Cultivating Success

Educational programs to increase the number and foster the success of sustainable small farmers and ranchers in WA. The goal of these educational opportunities is to provide beginning and existing farmers with the planning and decision-making tools, production skills, and support necessary to develop a sustainable farm or food business. Cultivating Success? connects the student with farmers and exposes them to real world situations through a community-based, experiential approach. Foundational Courses: Is a Small Farm in Your Future? This one day, workshop?style, entry level course is designed for anyone interested in exploring options for a small farm enterprise. This may include individuals new to farming as well as more experienced farmers looking to change directions or add a new component to their existing farm operation. Whole Farm Planning We?ll cover a broad overview of production and marketing options for today?s small farm! Whether you are just exploring the opportunities available or already have an existing operation, you?ll learn what it takes to create, sustain, and grow a viable small farm. Agricultural Entrepeneurship This in-depth farm and food business planning course will help you create a business plan that you can literally take to the bank to finance a new enterprise or expand an existing one. Because navigating the ins and outs of food related businesses is not easy, this course will have a special emphasis on the financial and legal issues unique to farm-based businesses and will feature a full line-up of guest speakers including bankers, business professionals, and successful farm and food biz owners.

Service areas: Washington

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American Samoa Community College

Assistance with agriculture production (crops & livestock), invasive species control, agriculture pests and diseases, hydroponics, aquaculture, vegetable gardening, farm safety, food safety, pesticides training, forestry management plans, watershed management, forest health, conservation practices, and others.

Service areas: American Samoa

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Ajo Center for Sustainable Agriculture

We provide beginning farmer training, including an incubator farm and incubator market program, plus provide a variety of workshops and technical assistance to farmers, from marketing, financial management and business planning to field practices. We also have a mini-grants program. We specialize on tribal farmers and ranchers, and other socially disadvantaged farmers.

Service areas: Arizona

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1,000 Friends of Oregon Farmer Advisory Committee

“In order for Oregon agriculture to continue to thrive, it is necessary to maintain the land base on which the agricultural and forestry industries depend. 1000 Friends of Oregon and the farmers, ranchers, and foresters who comprise its Farmer Advisory Committee, share the belief that the best way to maintain the land base is through an effective land use planning program that builds livable urban areas and rural communities, protects family farms and forests, and conserves natural areas.

Participation opportunities include:
Training to understand the statewide land use planning program
Timely communications about working lands-related legislation and agency rule-making
Support that simplifies engagement with decision-makers to improve working land protections and prevent further rollbacks
Technical assistance with land use issues in your county
Involvement in working lands-policy creation at 1000 Friends of Oregon
Bi-annual meetings of the Farmer Advisory Committee”

Service areas: Oregon

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FarmsReach is a community-driven resource platform that partners with organizations to provide farmers with time and money-saving services, including business planning tools, technical assistance, access to insurance and agricultural lenders. Focused on the long-term viability of regional agriculture, FarmsReach facilitates connections to combine proven farming knowledge with the innovative ideas of tomorrow. Based in California, FarmsReach offers services to small and mid-sized farmers across the State.

Service areas: California

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Rocky Mountain Farmers Union (RMFU)

Rocky Mountain Farmers Union is a progressive, grassroots organization dedicated to: achieving profitability for family farmers and ranchers; promoting stewardship of land and water resources; delivering safe healthy food to consumers; and strengthening rural communities through education, legislation and cooperation. RMFU also runs a Cooperative Development Center.

Service areas: Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming

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The Western Region Agricultural Stress Assistance Program is supported by the USDA Farm and Ranch Stress Assistance Network, under agreement number: 2020-70028-32731 proposal number: 2020-07631

The Western Region Agricultural Stress Assistance Program is an equal access/equal opportunity program.