Western Region Agricultural Stress Assistance Program (WRASAP)

Western Region Agricultural
Stress Assistance Program (WRASAP)

Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides (NCAP)

The Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides works to protect people and the environment by advancing ecologically sound alternatives to pesticides. NCAP is dedicated to sustainable agriculture, public education around pesticides and related health concerns, and helping to develop better public policy relating to pesticides.

Service areas: California, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington

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Idaho Cultivating Success: Small Acreage Farming & Ranching Education Program

Whole Farm Planning, Financial Planning, Sustainable Crop & Livestock Production, and Land Access short courses and workshops; Small Acreage Farming & Ranching webinars, beginning farmer hands-on practicums.

Service areas: Idaho

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Cultivating Success

Educational programs to increase the number and foster the success of sustainable small farmers and ranchers in WA. The goal of these educational opportunities is to provide beginning and existing farmers with the planning and decision-making tools, production skills, and support necessary to develop a sustainable farm or food business. Cultivating Success? connects the student with farmers and exposes them to real world situations through a community-based, experiential approach. Foundational Courses: Is a Small Farm in Your Future? This one day, workshop?style, entry level course is designed for anyone interested in exploring options for a small farm enterprise. This may include individuals new to farming as well as more experienced farmers looking to change directions or add a new component to their existing farm operation. Whole Farm Planning We?ll cover a broad overview of production and marketing options for today?s small farm! Whether you are just exploring the opportunities available or already have an existing operation, you?ll learn what it takes to create, sustain, and grow a viable small farm. Agricultural Entrepeneurship This in-depth farm and food business planning course will help you create a business plan that you can literally take to the bank to finance a new enterprise or expand an existing one. Because navigating the ins and outs of food related businesses is not easy, this course will have a special emphasis on the financial and legal issues unique to farm-based businesses and will feature a full line-up of guest speakers including bankers, business professionals, and successful farm and food biz owners.

Service areas: Washington

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University of Arizona Cooperative Extension

Cooperative Extension, an outreach arm of The University of Arizona and the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS), is “Improving Lives and Communities” by serving as a statewide network of knowledgeable faculty and staff that provides lifelong educational programs for all Arizonans. We are part of a nationwide educational network of scientists and educators who help people solve problems and put knowledge to use. Arizona Cooperative Extension provides a link between the university and the citizens of this state.

Service areas: Arizona

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California Institute for Rural Studies (CIRS)

This group works towards creating a rural California that is socially just, economically viable and environmentally balanced. Each of these elements is integral to the larger goal of sustainable development. As a nonprofit research organization, they are committed to pursuing these long-term goals through sound empirical research that is directly relevant to social change.

Service areas: California

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International Center for Appropriate and Sustainable Technology (iCAST)

iCAST offers turn-key services in sustainable agriculture focused on Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency and Waste Utilization. iCAST specializes in a) technical and economic feasibility analysis, b) business plan development, c) process design, d) project implementation and management, and e) grant funding and market-based financing. iCAST partners with farmers and rural communities to develop solutions that are sustainable. iCAST projects use local resources for local benefit.

Service areas: Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Wyoming

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WSU Extension

Washington farmers and Washington State University Extension have joined forces to bring the power of research-based information to bear to improve the productivity, efficiency, and safety of products coming from the state’s fields and pastures, orchards, processing plants, and vineyards and wineries. WSU Extension educators are the critical link between science and research generated at Washington State University and the hands-on work of growing food, fuel, and fiber.

Service areas: Washington

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Holistic Management International (HMI)

Holistic Management International is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to educate people to manage land for a sustainable future. Our programs serve to improve the land, preserve water resources, train agricultural producers, and enhance and sustain lives in ways that are meaningful, productive, and profitable. Major programs include: Kids on the Land, Gen Next, Beginning Farmers and Ranchers, Future Farms and Ranches, Ag Town Turnaround, and Professional Development (for land resource management).

Service areas: California, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, National, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New York, Texas, Vermont, Virginia

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The Western Region Agricultural Stress Assistance Program is supported by the USDA Farm and Ranch Stress Assistance Network, under agreement number: 2020-70028-32731 proposal number: 2020-07631

The Western Region Agricultural Stress Assistance Program is an equal access/equal opportunity program.