American Samoa

American Samoa Community College

“The mission of the American Samoa Community College is to foster successful student learning by providing high quality educational programs and services that will enable students to achieve their educational goals and to contribute to the social, cultural, political, economic, technological, and environmental well-being of American Samoa.

To fulfill this mission, the College, as an open admissions, United States accredited, Land Grant institution, provides access to bachelor and associate degrees and certificate programs of study. These programs prepare all students including those who are educationally underserved, challenged, or non-traditional for:

Transfer to institutions of higher learning
Successful entry into the workforce
Research and extension in human and natural resources
Awareness of Samoa and the Pacific”

We specialize in:

  • Conservation Programs
  • Financial Counseling & Business Planning
  • Resources for Beginning Farmers
  • Resources for Tribal Farmers & Ranchers

We can also help you with:

We work in these areas:

  • American Samoa