American Samoa

American Samoa Community College

Assistance with agriculture production (crops & livestock), invasive species control, agriculture pests and diseases, hydroponics, aquaculture, vegetable gardening, farm safety, food safety, pesticides training, forestry management plans, watershed management, forest health, conservation practices, and others.

We specialize in:

  • Conservation Programs
  • Disaster Relief/Resilience
  • Funding Opportunities for Farmers
  • Organic/Sustainable/Regenerative Transition & Support
  • Resources for Beginning Farmers

We can also help you with:

  • Activism & Organizing
  • Direct Marketing Assistance
  • Farm Energy Options
  • Farm Land Access & Succession Planning
  • Farm Stress
  • Financial & Business Planning
  • Industrial Ag Issues
  • Legal Help & Mediation Services
  • Resources for Tribal Farmers & Ranchers

We work in these areas:

  • American Samoa