We're Here to Help

We believe in working together to cultivate rural resilience for all, including farmers, ranchers, and agriculture workers as they navigate increasing stress.

Western Regional Agricultural
Stress Assistance Program (WRASAP)

Funded by a USDA Farm and Ranch Stress Assistance Network grant, the Western Regional Agricultural Stress Assistance Program is composed of lead agencies representing 13 states and 4 territories. WRASAP recognizes that high levels of stress have been present in our agricultural communities. Causes include unstable finances, carrying the pressure of multigenerational farm lineage, injury, chronic/acute illness, adverse weather and climate change, and recent COVID-19 stressors. We want to make sure that you, your family, and people you work with have access to the resources needed, when they’re needed.

You are not alone

Agricultural communities including farmers, ranchers, farmworkers, and their families, continue to meet the demands and challenges this past year has brought. Many of us have experienced a crisis in the last year, or we are currently in a crisis. In times of crisis, stress can affect each member of the family differently.

Lead Agencies

Other Collaborative Organizations